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Ella’s bff, Jo, is one of my favourite characters. She’s who I would love to be. She sassy, takes no shit and will easily tell you how it’s going to be. The second book in my Perfect Series is called A Perfect Love. Sounds gushy, right! Well, with a character like Jo, not quite sure gushy would describe her ‘perfect’ love.

Meet Jo

The End!

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This morning at crazy o’clock was a truly amazing moment. I typed The End on my debut novel A Perfect Moment. Just an few hours before this, I had a minor meltdown – okay, I cried and swore and stamped my feet – when my laptop had a melt down and shut down. I managed to salvage some of what I had typed, but lost just over 1,000 words. It seems crazy to think that a few hours later the moment of screaming in despair had turned to screaming and much bouncy in excitement. How quickly our world can change.

It’s off to my fabulous editor, Lauren McKellar, in a few short moments, after my amazing PA, Josie, has cast her beautiful eyes over it.

And I am so damn excited, but freakily terrified too.

Now the hard start really begins. I’m pooping myself.

My husband, who hasn’t read APM, has assured me he loves me and he’s proud of me, and I actually even admitted to my parents a week ago that I was in the process of writing a book. Progress, right!

I shouldn’t already be thinking about reviews, but it’s in our nature. I can respect honesty, but please be kind in the process. I have a fragile shell. yes, I will toughen up – I hope, but in the process, I just hope a few readers out there will love APM and my characters and accept the novel as it’s intended.

To enjoy, have a few hours of romantic escapism and to hopefully like the characters enough to read book two which will be out at the end of the year. Fingers crossed.

The end


The Tale of My Hot Teacher Lover: For Ella

hot teacher

Preston has been one busy hunk of a man. He was blown away by Ella’s song. In response he’s created an interesting ballad.


The Tale of My Hot Teacher Lover     – A Ballad

by Preston Craig – A Perfect Moment

It began on a moist summer’s morning:

I was the most funny firefighter around,

She was the hottest teacher.

She was my lover,

My hot lover,

A hot teacher.

We used to surf so well together, Back then.

We wanted to strip together, around the world,

We wanted it all.

But one morning, one moist morning,

We decided to strip too much.

Together we licked a love doll.

It was bright, so bright.

From that moment our relationship changed.

She grew so crazy.

And then it happened:

Oh no! Oh no!

She slapped a gnome.

Alas, a gnome!

My lover slapped a gnome.

It was hot, so hot.

The next day I thought my butt had broken,

I thought my lips had burst into flames,

(But I was actually overreacting a little.)

But still, she is in my thoughts.

I think about how it all changed that morning,

That moist summer’s morning.

My lips… ouch!

When I think of that hot teacher,

That hot teacher and me.

Our Sexy Carrot Love: A Love Song for Preston

Our Sexy Carrot

So, my girl Ella, my main character in A Perfect Moment, has been busy being creative this morning. She’s written a song for her sexy Preston… Check it out!

Our Sexy Carrot Love

– A Love Song For Preston

by Ella

 This one’s for you, Mr Craig!

 My love for you is like the most sexy carrot,

Your face reminds me of funny dolphin,

Together, we are like pizza and sweet chilli.

 Oh, darling Preston,

My sexy carrot,

My funny bean,

The perfect companion to my pizza soul.

 Knickers are red,

Eyes are blue,

I like surfing,

But not as much as I love humping with you!

 Oh, darling Preston,

Your eyes are like tasty treats on a summer day,

You’re like the most yummy firefighter to ever walk the coast.

 Your funny face,

Your sweet chilli soul,

Your sexy eyes,

Your yummy firefighter being…

 How could I look at another when our sexy carrot love is so strong?

I love you, Mr Craig!