Sharing My Love

With today’s release of A Perfect Love, which turned out to be a challenge for me to write, it’s only right I share with you all my acknowledgements.

This book seems like forever in the making. I would not have pushed through and re-found my groove without the support of the many beautiful souls around me.

My girl Josie, without your sanity, I would have lost it many moons ago. You keep me grounded. Thank you, beautiful. Please tell Donna she’s bloody amazing, too!

My sexy book babes, your constant pimping and unrelenting support is freaking awesome. Your ability to find super-hot pics of firefighters and surfers is like no other. Christina, my awesome admin, you rock! A special thanks to the beautiful members of my team who took a chance on APL and read APL as an ARC. Your support is amazing.

The amazing team at Hot Tree Editing, you are such an amazing group of women. Justine, beta-reader extraordinaire, your astuteness blows me away. Thank you! Kristin, I loved your edits and supporting comments. Thank you for being wonderful. My awesome betas over at HTE, thank you for every comment and correction! You guys rock!

Thank you to Hot Tree Promotions for the killer release support, and for all of the amazing bloggers and readers who have given my work a chance.

Finally, my beautiful family, none of this would have happened without your support. You’ve given me your ears when I’ve vented, as well as your shoulders to help carry the weight, and most importantly, your unwavering belief I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I’m truly blessed.

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