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It’s great to be a part of From Australia With Love which is showcasing many fine Australian Indie authors. I started writing my first erotic story, The Laundromat novel, two and a half years ago, while. Since then I have added the short story Dolphin Heat and novella Kate Gets Marks.

I published Kate Gets Marks nearly one year ago on 23 March 2013. This was a part one because it is still unfinished. My plan is to start writing the rest of this story   in a few weeks and getting it available as a full length novel as soon as possible. Please buy it now, and look forward to getting part two very soon.

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I stopped writing that story because it got too hard.  The story line I head in my head was as follows:

1. Girl met boy years ago and is married with children

2. Girl meets another boy

3. Girl gets confused

4. Girl gets other boy while still with first boy

5. Girl and boys gets confused; that is, girl loses boys

6. Girl seeks consolation and gets counsel

7. Girl gets boys.

I stopped at point four one year ago because the writing got too hard. Looking back I am not sure why because I was always writing fiction, but the mix ups with reality were doing my head in a bit. I am okay with all of that now. It was important to me that I write a complete story in the romance-erotica genre, with a happy ending. I also wanted to explore the theme of polyamorous desire. I am ready to write this story now, and after that, who knows?

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